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Founded by a group of skilled SAP experts, Inford Team is committed to providing advanced, premium SAP solutions to customers worldwide.

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Business Architecture

Business architecture plays a pivotal role in the success of SAP..


In the realm of SAP projects, the assessment process is a crucial..

Project Management

The success of projects utilizing SAP custom development..


Inford Team stands out as a premier service provider..


Tailored solutions have the ability to enhance the flexibility..


By effectively integrating SAP with diverse systems and processes..

Data Migration

Inford Team excels in data migration services, seamlessly..


Inford Team stands out by offering a unique training..

About Us

The Company

Inford Team was founded by a group of SAP professionals, driven by the goal of delivering expert, top-tier SAP solutions to both domestic and international customers.

In Inford Team, we believe that technology empowers organizational business transformation, which results from the synergy between cutting-edge technological tools and the expertise of our leading consultants in analysing business processes.


Inford Team comprises project and delivery managers, system analysts and consultants, as well as software development and integration experts.

This blend of professionals enables us to execute comprehensive full-cycle projects while upholding exceptional quality and excellence throughout the project's lifecycle.

SAP S/4 HANA Finance

SAP S/4 HANA possesses the potential to transform essential business functions like finance, supply chain, customer service, and marketing, enabling companies to carry out, analyze, and predict operations in real-time, even within an unpredictable setting.

We specialize in tailoring SAP S/4 HANA Finance to suit distinct business needs, guaranteeing a harmonious integration into current processes. Our adept Inford Team offers guidance and assistance throughout the SAP S/4 HANA Finance implementation, ensuring seamless configuration and integration within the client's IT framework.

SAP Profitability and Performance Management

SAP Profitability and Performance Management (PaPM) enhances financial performance assessment and decision-making for businesses. It empowers organizations to access real-time insights into their profit margins and cost frameworks, facilitating the identification of enhancement opportunities and informed decision-making.

We offer comprehensive implementation services, encompassing the creation of models featuring calculation units, functions, iterative allocation processes, and more. Our services also encompass business warehouse integration, data migration, and report development. These efforts collectively assist clients in effectively setting up and configuring PaPM to streamline their operations.

Planning & Analytics

SAP Analytics Cloud stands as a holistic cloud-centered platform, presenting a novel business advisory methodology for proficient data analysis, valuable insights extraction, and informed decision-making within organizations. By harnessing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud enables enterprises to amalgamate data from various sources, recognize trends, and unveil concealed growth prospects.

Budget planning in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is pivotal for informed financial management.
Inford Team specializes in SAC budget planning, tailoring the platform to clients' needs. Our experts create dynamic models and dashboards, integrating SAC with data sources for comprehensive analysis. Beyond technical solutions, we empower clients with budgeting insights and tools. With Inford Team, SAC becomes a strategic asset for precise resource allocation and agile decision-making, fostering growth and sustainability.


Group Reporting

SAP Group Reporting presents a holistic answer to financial reporting and plan consolidation, tailored for enterprises featuring multiple subsidiaries or segments.

Our services encompass data modeling, monitoring, master data and structure configuration/enhancement, establishing global parameters, currency translation, inter-company and investments elimination. We also develop data collection templates and advanced programming interfaces (API) to seamlessly integrate data.

Additionally, we configure reports for statutory and diverse business scenarios, including actual vs. plan and actual vs. forecast comparisons.


We assist organizations in the implementation and customization of SAP Corporate Treasury and Financial Asset Management solutions. Our expertise extends to configuring and integrating the solution with other systems, coupled with industry-specific insights and best practices.

Beyond implementation, we offer continuous support and maintenance for sustained success. Our services focus on cost savings and enhanced efficiency, real-time visibility and control, seamless integration capabilities, and comprehensive training and proof of concept options.

SAP contract accounting and Payment engine

Leverage the expertise of our skilled team to optimize the advantages offered by SAP Contract Accounting and Payment Engine Solutions. Drawing from our extensive experience across industries like insurance, utilities, retail, and public sectors, we offer our clients invaluable industry insights.

The SAP Contract Accounting and Payment Engine system is skillfully designed to streamline contract and payment processes for businesses.

The comprehensive SAP FS-CD automated incoming payment system features flexible payment logic, manual dispute case management, customizable dunning processes, interest calculations, broker collections, and payment plans. Additionally, it facilitates various outgoing payment methods, including transfers and checks. Serving as a central booking interface, SAP FS-CD handles insurance systems encompassing coinsurance, reinsurance, policy, claim, and commission management. Employing efficient bulk data processing and high automation, the module efficiently handles extensive data volumes.

Loans Management

SAP Loans Management offers comprehensive loan portfolio management, handling origination, servicing, and compliance. Inford Team's expertise enhances this by tailoring the solution to clients' unique needs, ensuring seamless integration.

Beyond implementation, we provide strategic guidance, creating efficient interfaces and reports. Ongoing support maintains the solution's effectiveness amidst evolving business needs. With Inford Team, SAP Loans Management optimizes loan management, mitigates risks, and elevates customer experiences.



BTP acts as an integrated platform, providing a range of capabilities including analytics, data management, application development, and integration. This versatility enables organizations to effectively meet various business needs, streamlining processes without relying on multiple systems.

SAP Fiori and UI5 stand out as user interface technologies, offering a contemporary and tailored user experience designed specifically for SAP customers.

Complementing these offerings, Inford Team brings its specialized expertise to the project. Our team enhances BTP's potential by providing tailored solutions and guidance, ensuring seamless utilization of its capabilities.

Accelarate with Partners

Global partners enable IT projects with diverse perspectives, innovative ideas, and specialized expertise. This collaboration accelerates development, enhances adaptability, and delivers comprehensive solutions for a dynamic global market.

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Business Architecture

Business architecture plays a pivotal role in the success of SAP and IT projects by bridging the gap between technology initiatives and strategic business goals. It serves as the blueprint for designing, aligning, and optimizing processes, data, applications, and technology within an organization.

In the context of SAP and IT projects, business architecture provides a structured approach to ensure that technology solutions are not only technically sound but also deeply aligned with the overarching objectives of the business. Guided by Inford Team's expertise, business architecture takes the lead in SAP and IT projects, propelling them towards strategic harmony and elevated operational performance.


In the realm of SAP projects, the assessment process is a crucial preliminary step that lays the foundation for a successful implementation. This process involves a meticulous examination of the client's current state, requirements, and overall objectives. What sets Inford Team apart is our exceptional approach to this assessment phase.

During the assessment process, Inford Team work closely with our clients to gain insights into their unique challenges, goals, and operational intricacies. This collaborative approach allows us to not only identify potential roadblocks but also uncover untapped opportunities for optimization and enhancement.

Project Management

The success of projects utilizing SAP custom development depends on how well they're managed. Organizations can boost their project management efficiency by setting clear goals, making detailed project plans, encouraging good communication, and using agile approaches. Getting stakeholders involved, handling changes smoothly, watching out for risks, and giving quality assurance a top spot. All play a role in project success.

At Inford Team, we go even further by providing these services with a dedication to the best quality and excellence. Our expertise in project management ensures that every step is meticulously executed, from involving stakeholders to ensuring top-notch quality assurance. By following these steps, organizations can make sure their SAP projects are finished on time, within budget, and in line with their overall goals, while experiencing the highest level of service quality and expertise.


Inford Team stands out as a premier service provider, offering exceptional expertise and unwavering assistance throughout the implementation of solutions. Our dedicated approach ensures the seamless configuration and effective integration of solutions into the client's existing IT landscape, precisely aligned with the unique demands of their business requirements.


Tailored solutions have the ability to greatly enhance the flexibility and productivity of SAP environments. At Inford Team, we deliver personalized technology consulting services that align with your development strategy, business objectives, and specific needs. Whether your aim is to optimize workflows, enhance operational efficiency, or secure a competitive advantage, our team of seasoned SAP consultants is poised to assist you.

We maintain our industry leadership by harnessing the latest technologies and functionalities, ensuring that we remain ahead of the curve.


By effectively integrating SAP with diverse systems and processes, businesses can achieve task automation and workflow optimization, resulting in heightened efficiency and cost savings. This harmonious SAP integration further empowers enterprises to swiftly adapt to shifting market conditions and evolving customer demands, enabling effortless connectivity with emerging systems and technologies.

What distinguishes Inford Team is our exceptional expertise in this field. With our specialized services, we not only facilitate SAP integration but also provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your business requirements. Our team's proficiency ensures a smooth and effective integration process, enabling you to unlock the full potential of SAP and maximize your operational capabalties.

Data Migration

Inford Team excels in data migration services, seamlessly transferring your legacy data to the upcoming SAP product. Our proficient team ensures data accuracy and relevance, utilizing advanced tools for extraction, transformation, and loading. We identify and correct outdated or messy information, creating an optimized data ecosystem within your new SAP system.

Your data's security and integrity are of utmost importance to us, upheld through industry best practices. We collaborate closely to tailor migration strategies to your unique needs, delivering a revitalized data landscape for enhanced business efficiency in the new SAP environment.


Inford Team stands out by offering a unique training service that employs the "Train the Trainer" approach. This means we not only equip your key employees with in-depth software knowledge but also empower them to train others effectively. This cascading learning ensures long-term skill development across your organization.

Our experienced team customize the training to fit your business processes, recognizing that every organization is unique. By choosing Inford Team, you're not just ensuring software proficiency, but also fostering a culture of ongoing learning and skill enhancement. This approach maximizes software utilization, boosts productivity, and contributes to your overall business success.

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